B-Box battery storage systems enters the market

Published on February 23, 2017

BYD is a market leader in electric vehicles that include passenger cars and buses. With over 62000 passenger car electric vehicles sold and a production facility of 10GWh worth of batteries in 2015, BYD has positioned themselves as the largest rechargeable lithium-ion battery manufacturer in the world. In Q2 2016, BYD deployed approximately 300MWh of batteries for residential and utility energy storage purposes across the globe.

Backed with a global scale and deployment experience, BYD launched their residential storage package, B-Box in Australia to join in the most anticipated energy storage market in the world.  The B-Box is an extremely flexible product as it has the ability to continuously discharge at a rate of 1C and can even reach a 2C rate for a duration of three minutes. This meant the instantaneous power output of the battery can be double of its rated energy capacity, allowing the battery to be exceptionally suitable for off-grid and back-up applications.

The B-Box is a cabinet that can fit four 2.5kWh modules and scalable up to 80kWh, making the unit more versatile for installers to size the appropriate solution for residential and commercial customers.

The modular design allows for a much smoother installation process as each module weighs only 35kg. Let’s break that down: if there was a 10kWh installation, instead of having to manoeuvre around a bulky unit that weights around 100kg, the installer can simply mount the cabinet and then install the battery modules one by one. This means the installation time is faster and less people are required.

BYD batteries use lithium iron phosphate chemistry which is widely considered as the safest and most stable set of compound for lithium-ion batteries. This makes the battery even more robust in terms of installation locations and environments. The enclosure is also IP55 rated and allows both indoor and outdoor operations.

With the high scalability, flexibility and safety features of the BYD B-Box, the unit is a great choice in selecting the ideal solutions for energy storage applications.

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