GE Three Phase 29.9kW Inverter – 3MPPT

SKU: INV-GE-P29.9-10

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GE Three Phase 29.9kW Inverter – 3MPPT

The GEP 29.9-60kW has been designed to meet the increasing expectations from the Commercial sector. The GEP 29.9-60kW offers up to 6 MPPTs and is the ultimate solution for commercial rooftop PV systems. This future-ready machine uses a film capacitor and fuse-free design, optional Type I surge protection on the DC side, ensuring faster trouble-shooting, longer life-span and maximum safety. The GEP 29.9-60kW Series requires minimum O&M and offers an improved overall user experience. These intelligent features make the GEP 29.9-60kW one of the most future-proof inverters in its class.

High Power Generation

  • Up to 6 MPPTs
  • Full-load running at 50°C

Maximum Safety

  • Type II SPD for both AC & DC
  • Optional AFCI protecting circuits from arc faults*

Intelligent O&M

  • Precise string current monitoring
  • PID recovery optional*