SolarEdge in the Spotlight

Published on May 5, 2016

Riding the trend of self-consumption and smart power management for homeowners, SolarEdge released its latest inverters into the Australian market earlier this year. Sol Distribution has partnered with SolarEdge to bring these inverters and full solutions to you.

The SolarEdge system combines highly efficient DC optimised inverters, power optimisers and a Web portal for panel-level monitoring and fault detection. SolarEdge’s unique technology splits the traditional inverter functionality into two functions; the power optimiser to maximise energy production for each panel and a simplified inverter that is only responsible for DC-AC inversion and grid management.

SolarEdge inverters are the only products on the market that allow the DC power optimisers to regulate the performance of the PV array while having a fixed voltage input setting on the inverter.

With the power optimisers connected to each panel, SolarEdge’s Web portal can be used by system owners to easily detect any problems by monitoring the performance of each panel in their system for immediate fault detection and remote maintenance. The system performance is higher as each panel always operates at its own optimal voltage and current.

SolarEdge is also one of the few brands that is compatible with the Tesla Powerwall. Creating a hybrid storage system provides customers with higher grid independence and increased self-consumption level of the energy generated by the PV array. The single phase SolarEdge inverters are compatible with high voltage batteries like the Tesla Powerwall via the StorEdge Interface and smart meter. There is also a backup variation available to ensure the StorEdge system will continue to operate during black-outs.

The largest three phase inverters (25kW, 27.6kW) comes with optional integrated DC isolation in compliance with the Australian standards which removes the need for any further DC isolation on the side of the inverter.

To top it all off, SolarEdge offers warranty terms from 12 to 25 years ensuring the quality and reliability of the product.

We are pleased to offer SolarEdge products to our customers at a great price. You can view the products on our website, or contact the sales team on 1300 660 483 if you’d like further information.