Simple Monitoring Solutions

Published on November 16, 2016 As you know, a PV system has no visible moving parts so monitoring is essential for the owner to understand how well the system is operating. Monitoring allows the installer to quickly identify any issues with the system and it also provides data that is needed to explore further opportunities […]

Product Breakdown for Adelaide Airport 1.17MW Solar Project

Publish on August 31, 2016 The recently completed Adelaide Airport solar power system is one of the first few Australian rooftop installations to exceed a megawatt in size. Large projects like this demand even more attention to the ongoing operation and maintenance of the project. Panel level control, power production optimisation, system monitoring and overall […]

Optimised For the Future

Published August 24, 2016 All SolarEdge string inverters require DC optimisers to operate with PV systems. The reason being is, the inverters do not have a voltage window and instead use a constant DC voltage input from the pv strings. This voltage is maintained by the optimisers through converting the output of each panel within […]

StorEdge Backup Inverter

Published in August 24, 2016 Battery storage is a powerful device that offers great flexibility and synergies with renewable energy generators such as solar pv. A versatile and intelligent inverter is also required to truly exploit the benefits of energy storage devices. The StorEdge backup inverter offers a large variety of operating modes that allow […]

Comprehensive information about the Sunny Boy Storage

Published on July 4, 2016 Do you want to know how you can benefit from solar energy, even without a feed-in tariff? Are you curious to know whether the Sunny Boy Storage also works for you and your system and whether modernizing a system with storage is really so easy? The SMA Sunny Boy Storage […]

Let’s talk about grid-connected storage

Published on June 14, 2016 With the Sol Distribution grid-connected workshop coming up, we’ve put together some questions to ignite the conversation around grid-connected storage. Question 1: What kind of accessories are usually required for an energy storage system?Answer: For a solution with the SMA Sunny Storage, the only mandatory accessory is the Energy Meter. A Home Manager […]

SMA Service Tip: Setting up a static IP address on an inverter with SMA Connection Assist

Published on June 8, 2016 In circumstances where the router has a firewall which blocks the inverter IP address, the following steps can be taken to set a static IP address on the inverter: Create a static IP address using the router’s interface which will not be blocked by the firewall and will not be […]

Zero Risk with Zero Export

Published on May 6, 2016 Zero export systems (also called limited export) can greatly simplify the connection and approval process for grid-connected PV. SMA Australia has prepared a technical information sheet to help installers navigate SMA solutions for active power control. In this information sheet, the solutions are categorised by plant size with required accessories […]